Friendly greetings! I am TORLEY.

I make sonic science fiction*

Differ, don't beg.

Listen to these (mostly) short sound stories with massive melodies and vibrant arrangements. I’ve discovered them from alternate realities, in an ongoing research project to expand the edges of expressive electronic music.

What have I been creating?








On bad advice and musical expression

There’s a lot of bad advice about electronic musicmaking out there. Facade trash that seems like it should be worthwhile, but apply a little oil-o’-critical-thinking and it falls apart like a cheap suit. Here’s one: “It doesn’t matter what you use, it matters how you...

What is sonic science fiction?

Writing about music really is like dancing about architecture, and Frank Zappa's observation remains lucidly correct. I continue to wrestle with the "right" words to describe what I do: sometimes I choose those terms because of a pleasant alliteration, or because I...

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