Friendly greetings! I am Torley.

Torley in his natural state. Photo by Ravenelle.

I’m a time-traveling, universe-crossing, autistic, cyberpunk monk.

I make magic with multimedia design and so much more.

My work has been praised by some of this universe’s best. I’ve got elegant enthusiasm, playful attention to detail,  a catalytic ability to bring out the best in communities I’m involved with… and an obsession with neon watermelons.

Contact me with your most excellent personal ideas, professional offers, etc. I’m always looking for fellow people to amplify the awesome with, because we’re better when we create together.

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I specialize in aurelics (aural relics); our (the Torley Council) life’s work involves discovering exceptionally lovely music across alternate realities & parallel universes. Our past visions are catalogued in the Dream Journal and related projects such as Glitch Piano.

We are presently compiling massively melodic adventures that are overflowing with fun + changes. Hear them here as more musical treasures are being unveiled.


Classical piano meets experimental techno.

Spectrasonics-Moog OMG-1 Contest Grand Prize Winner.

What was this all about?

Melodic memories from a diagonal timeline.


Oh look, multimedia, wherein our passion for specific slivers of musicular gastronomy can’t be contained. [MORE!]


Glitch art explorations, stream-of-consciousness experiences leaking from other timelines, synopses of once-imaginary stories, and soforth. [MORE!]


Inspiring ideas of consequence to our creative process. [MORE!]