• SOUNDSCAPESlow Motion, a generative tribute to the musicality of Vangelis.
  • SOUNDSCAPE88 Keys, a journey into the heart of two pianos across a distance. A blissful collaboration with myNoise.
  • PRODUCTSansar, the best way to create and share social VR experiences, opened on July 31. As part of an awesome team, I did the UI sounds, Sansar Studios soundscapes, and music.
  • SOUNDSCAPETwin Black Lodges, an eerie jaunt inspired by Twin Peaks, is my second collaboration with myNoise‘s sinister ambience generator.
  • SOUNDSCAPENocturnion, a drifting journey into the interstellar cosmos, is my first collaboration with myNoise‘s relaxing ambience generator.
  • QANoiiz sounds platform is live. Special features like plugin integrations and random buttons. I beta tested.