• DEMO – β€œVoyetraveler” is a jaunty, ever-changing romp for the analog powerhouse that is UVI PX V8.
  • SOUNDSCAPE – β€œNow Loading…” a hypnotic collaboration with myNoise that recalls video game progress screens.
  • DEMO – β€œHere Come Our Drums” is 100% made with sounds from UVI Drum Designer, including the melodies.
  • DEMO – Eight tracks made with Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5β€˜s Hardware Library. Loads of fun, color, analogue style gone wild. Many iconic synthspirations assembled, using space and time as a horsewhip.
  • DEMO – β€œLush Eighteen” – β€œ45 presets & multis used and weaved into a stunning composition with 100% all Luftrum 18 sounds.” to show off this collaboration between Luftrum + Arksun.
  • DEMO – β€œAudacious Illuminator” is full of anime/J-Pop sparkles and ethically-ethnically escapist fantasy. Made with UVI USQ-1, a recreation of the Ensoniq ESQ-1 vintage digital-analog synth.