Why I moved TORLEY.COM to Notion

It’s 2022-02-03 and the sun is metaphorically shining.
Tools that put up too many walls between idea and execution fatigue and frustrate me. As much power as WordPress yields, there were too many things I don’t need now. I reminisce about the many fond times I had getting started with it and charting its growth over the years, but if there’s something I’ve learned from my music, it’s that spontaneous iteration is key, and being a hybrid Juggernaut-Kool-Aid-Man is vital to me getting done anything at all.
I like Notion’s direct path to editing and making it live as I type, not even having to click a Publish button. This has already served me well whilst I chronicle new music I’ve shared, which takes on a different dimension when looking back at the end of the year.
I also like the friendlier backup and export, the clean editing — and the amalgamation of many web advancements into a single platform. It’s a new one, but it’s what works for me today.
In some ways, it’s a symbolic reflection of how I’m looking at life (or to cop an old reference, Torley Lives).
We came out from the deep To avoid the mistakes we made That's why we are here!