Friendly greetings! I'm TORLEY 🍉

Friendly greetings! I'm TORLEY 🍉

Got two minutes? Press play ▶️ and I’ll show you new universes. 🌠🎵 

A brief history

Two-minute short sound stories with massive melodies and vibrant arrangements, imported from the alternate realities my imagination travels between. I get to the point, paint with ample layers, and repeatedly write love letters across the genre spectrum to expand the edges of expressive electronic music.
I often do this by showing off the universes’ best sound designers in “demo tracks”. As results, I’ve earned awards, contests, and remix competitions from the industry’s finest, including Spectrasonics & Bob Moog Foundation, Impact Soundworks, Samplephonics, and ROLI.
I’m currently Audio Director at Gallium Studios, an indie game studio composed of world-class game designers, developers, and artists, founded by legendary video game designers Will Wright (The Sims, SimCity) and Lauren Elliott (Carmen Sandiego).
Previously as Production Director for Sansar, I did virtual world concerts and projects for Splendour XR, Tobacco Dock Virtual, Lost Horizon, Intel, Warner Bros.’ Ready Player One, the Smithsonian, Monstercat, Spinnin’ Records, the Glitch Mob, and more industry innovators and leaders. I also did sound & music and a heck of a lot of other things at Linden Lab (Second Life).
I’ve lived many lives. Died in some, too. The multiverse is expanding, and the music plays on...

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  • MUSIC – “OmniTagged” and “Coastifornia” made with OmniTag’s Bonus Library for Omnisphere — organize you patches to the max!
  • EVENT – Production Director for Sansar + Only Much Louder’s Casa Bacardi.
  • EVENT – Production Director for Sansar + Secret Sounds’ Splendour XR.

Further back in the timeline...


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