Friendly greetings! I am TORLEY.

I make sonic science fiction*including demo tracks for the world’s best sound designers.

Criticism always follows worthwhile action. The opposite is seldom true.

Deliciously awesome Watermelon Visions cover art by Nick DenBoer.

Listen to these (mostly) short sound stories with massive melodies and vibrant arrangements. I’ve discovered them from alternate realities, in an ongoing research project to expand the edges of expressive electronic music.

I make music & sound design. I’ve won awards, contests, and remix competitions from the industry’s finest (Spectrasonics-Bob Moog Foundation, Impact Soundworks, Samplephonics, ROLI, etc.). I do official demo tracks and preset showcases for many top sound houses like UVI and Omnisphere libraries. As Production Director for Sansar, I’ve worked on virtual world projects for LWE’s Tobacco Dock Virtual, Lost Horizon, Intel, Warner Bros.’ Ready Player One, the Smithsonian, Monstercat, the Glitch Mob, and other industry innovators and leaders.

Want to amplify the awesome together? Contact me!

▓▒░ 4@TORLEY.COM ░▒▓

Some recent highlights...





Mah idiosyncracies (some)

AKA things intrinsic to my music that I increasingly notice, the more I do them. Do you notice these too? Polyrhythms for no good reason Beginning start of 8 bars with bassy bang Copypasting stab/phrase only a few times through arrangements A-B-A structure where the B...

Ever clapped so enthusiastically at a concert that your hands bruised?

Now I can say I’ve had that experience. Flashback to a record store in 1997 — some 20+ years ago, when I asked my Mom if I could pick out several CDs. She found objections to some of the cover art, but was otherwise agreeable and supportive. I had just sailed past the...

Constant state of reformation

You never outgrow the things you love — more specifically, the unfinished questions from childhood and youth that live on, as recurring motifs throughout the rest of your life. My first “serious” synthesizer was an Alesis QS8. Over recent months, incrementally (and...

On bad advice and musical expression

There’s a lot of bad advice about electronic musicmaking out there. Facade trash that seems like it should be worthwhile, but apply a little oil-o’-critical-thinking and it falls apart like a cheap suit. Here’s one: “It doesn’t matter what you use, it matters how you...